The challenge

The community at Sacred Heart Cootamundra wanted a branding which would give relevance to the Motto – Heart Speaks to Heart with a blend of Cross and a heart. Cootamundra is famous for its – Cootamundra Wattle Flowers. So that’s another things they wished to bring into the Logo, which may make it special to the Local place.
It will go to our letter pad and the Mass Vestments, to the notice board, site and literally everywhere. So we want a beautiful Logo which would be appreciated by the people.
This was the request from the parish priest.

The solution

SH Cootamundra asked. We delivered. After hours and hours of sampling, drafting and re-drafting, number of emails and phone calls, and a good number coffees and rosaries along the way, we finally concluded on this beautiful logo.
The cross within the heart is a vector representation of the logo on top of the church. The bigger challenge was to incorporate the Cootamundra Wattle Flowers. This is achieved by the wattles drawn inside the heart.

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